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Auto Detailing in Kansas City

Auto Detailing in Kansas CityIf you are looking to spruce up the interior or exterior of your vehicle, Executive Detail Center is the place to go for auto detailing in Kansas City. Our detailing center, conveniently located in Riverside, Missouri, is staffed with well-trained professionals who provide top-notch detailing service. We offer everything from full interior detailing to complete paint restoration, all at an affordable cost.

Wide Range of Services

One of the biggest draws of Executive Detail Center is the wide variety of services offered, making it the go-to source for auto detailing in Kansas City. For instance, our detailing professionals at Executive Detail can conduct a thorough hand wash or basic wax for any vehicle, but we’re also well equipped to offer more specific specialized services, such as cleaning and conditioning delicate leather seats, carpet shampoo, carpet dying and leather seat repair. We also clean out all of the nooks and crannies that you never think to clean yourself, such as door jams and cup holders, and under the seats (an often overlooked area).

Convenient and Affordable Package Deals

Interior Detail Leather ConditioningExecutive Detail Center’s package details offer another reason that our company is so advantageous for those looking for auto detailing in the area. For around $200, our professional auto detailers will carry out a full interior and exterior Deluxe Detail Package, which includes a hand wash and dry, a polymer wax application applied with an orbital polisher, window and wheel cleaning, and a clay treatment designed to eliminate any debris or contaminants that have become embedded in a vehicle’s paint. The full interior detailing service included in this Deluxe Detail Package includes complete cleaning and conditioning of your vehicle’s interior, a full shampoo of carpets and seats, cleaning and conditioning of all leather and much more.

Engine Cleaning and Detail

Executive Detail Center not only offers complete exterior and interior auto detailing in Kansas City, we also provide engine detailing. This kind of service is essential to keeping your car running smoothly, and most professionals recommend that it be performed twice per year. Engine detailing includes a vigorous wash and scrub of the entire engine to remove grease and dirt that can decrease the efficiency of a car or truck. Once this is done, our detailing professionals will dry the engine with compressed air, and condition all of the plastic parts and hoses to leave the engine looking like new. Best of all, customers at Executive Detail can pay as little as $50 for the whole service, depending on the size of the vehicle.

Executive Detail Center is ready and willing to work with individual drivers or, thanks to our sizable staff of trained detailing professionals, an entire car dealership. Moreover, our company recognizes that our clients lead busy lives, and is committed to remaining amenable to customers’ busy schedules. Thus, as an added bonus, Executive Detail Center offers a drop-off and pick-up service for anyone in need of auto detailing in Kansas City.

Executive Detail Center

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