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We Can Handle All Your Auto Detailing Needs
Our Executive Detail Centers offer a full spectrum of auto detailing services to keep your vehicle looking great. Our detailing services include a hand wash, hand wash and wax, full interior detailing, exterior detailing including polishing, buffing and paint correction to remove swirls and scratches, engine detailing, paintless dent repair and paint touch up. We have 3 auto detailing Kansas City facilities located in Gladstone Missouri, Olathe Kansas and Merriam Kansas.

Hand Wash
With our Full Service Hand wash we safely wash and dry your vehicle without putting swirls in your paint. Our hand wash includes interior vacuuming, interior and exterior windows cleaned, door jams wiped down, we clean your wheels and apply tire dressing.

Hand Wash and Wax
This is a full service hand wash with polymer wax applied using a random orbital. It includes everything in the full service hand wash, plus we remove all tar from your vehicles paint and give your paint a clay bar treatment. The clay bar procedure creates a smooth surface and removes contaminants like rail dust, over spray and bug residue. Our hand wash and wax auto detailing service is recommended to be used at least 4 times a year to keep your vehicle’s exterior clean and properly waxed. Give us a call and schedule your hand was and wax service today!

Full Interior Detailing
With our full interior package you get a full service hand wash and a complete interior clean and condition. We clean all vinyl and leather, those hard to reach cracks and crevices, blow out your air vents, shampoo all carpet, seats and mats, condition all vinyl and leather, and clean all door jams. Whether you spilled food or drinks, your pet had an accident or any other mishaps that require interior cleaning, we can clean it. Full Interior Detailing is available at all three of our auto detailing centers located in Gladstone Missouri, Merriam Kansas and Olathe Kansas. Please call to schedule an appointment.

Hand Wash, Wax and Full Interior Detail
Our Deluxe Detail Package is a hand wash, polymer wax and full interior detail all rolled into one package. The polymer wax application is applied with a random orbital and is perfect for the paint finish that doesn’t have a lot of swirl marks or scratches, but needs a protective wax coating. If you have have swirls and scratches in your paint you can upgrade to our Ultimate or Executive auto detailing packages.

Full Interior Detail plus Swirl and Scratch Removal
Our Ultimate Detail package is the perfect solution if your vehicle is in need of a complete interior/exterior detail and has fine swirl marks and scratches in your paint you want removed. We do not use filler waxes to cover up and hide your swirl marks, we remove them by leveling your clear coat finish with a high speed polishing process. Before any of our wax applications we remove all the tar from your vehicle and follow up with a clay bar treatment so we have a perfectly smooth and contaminant free surface to work with. You’ll love the deep gloss and shine our auto detailing experts can produce on your vehicle’s paint. Please call to schedule an appointment.

Full Interior Detail plus a Three Step Paint Correction
The Executive Detail Package is available for the vehicle owner who wants a complete interior/exterior detail and has moderate to major swirl marks and scratches in need of correction. After we wash your vehicle, removed all tar and give it a clay bar treatment, we buff your finish using a mild compound to remove the swirl marks and scratches and to level your clear coat finish. We follow this process up with a high speed polish that removes any holograms and fine scratches left behind from the buffing process. The final steps include polishing with an orbital polisher and applying a final coat of paint sealant. The results are amazing and make your vehicle look almost brand new again! Please call and schedule your Executive Detail Package at any of our three auto detailing facilities.

Paintless Dent Repair
Do you have dings, dents or hail damage on your vehicle? Our Paintless Dent Repair service can save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars compared to what a body shop will charge for these same repairs. Our highly trained PDR technicians can fix most dents, dings and hail damage without the need to drill, fill, sand and paint your vehicle…thus the term Paintless Dent Repair. Using special tools and lighting the dent is carefully worked out from the inside of the panel. Unless the paint is chipped in or around the dent area, most dings and smaller dents can be fixed using PDR saving you a substantial amount of money in repair costs. Please give us a call and we can look at your vehicle and provide an estimate.

Engine Detailing
Your engine is the most expensive and important part of your vehicle. Most car owners only think about keeping the dirt and grime off their paint and never pay any mind to what their engine might look like. Just like dirt, grime and road salt can damage your paint if not properly cleaned, the same applies to your engine. Dust, dirt, grime, road salt and all the other contaminants your encounter while driving eventually makes its way into your engine bay. Unless properly cleaned, this can cause your hoses to dry out and crack and keeps your engine from properly cooling itself. Our engine detailing service consists of properly cleaning and scrubbing your entire engine bay using a completely safe citrus degreaser. After your engine bay is clean we follow up and condition all hoses and plastics with a special conditioner that shines and protects, making it much easier to keep your engine clean.

Auto Detailing and Reconditioning For Dealerships
Is your Dealership looking for an auto detailing company? If your current detailing needs aren’t meeting your standards, wouldn’t you agree they’re probably not meeting the standards for your customers either? We’re fully staffed and equipped to handle all your detailing needs that include interior and exterior detailing, engine detailing, polishing and paint correction, paintless dent repair and paint touch up. Give us a call for special dealership prices.

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