Complete Interior Detailing

Do you want to bring back the new look appeal to the inside of your vehicle? Our Full Interior Auto Detailing Package will help restore your vehicle’s like new appearance.

Full Interior Auto Detailing in Kansas City Metro, Gladstone, Merriam and OlatheCar owners spend countless hours keeping the exterior of their vehicle looking good, but often overlook the importance of keeping the interior clean.

Keeping the interior vacuumed and dusted is important, but eventually dirt and grime will find its way into the cracks and crevices of your seats, vinyl, leather and carpets. This dirt and grime can eventually ruin the inside of your vehicle and cause your interior to smell if not properly detailed.

Full Interior Detail Package
$150.00 *

auto detailing interior of vehicleWith our full interior detail service we completely clean every nook and cranny inside the vehicle before we apply our professional vinyl or leather conditioners. Our vinyl and leather cleaners are completely safe on your interior’s finish and help remove embedded dirt and grime.

auto interior carpet cleaning with heated extractorWe use a heated extractor on all cloth seats, carpets and mats. This process cleans and helps remove stains, odors and deeply embedded dirt from your carpet and seats. Our professional fabric and carpet solution is specifically designed for automobiles without leaving a soapy residue.

Full Interior Detail Includes:


  • Hand Wash
  • Towel Dry
  • Wheels Cleaned
  • Tire Shine
  • Windows


  • Interior Vacuum
  • All Vinyl Thoroughly Cleaned
  • Ashtrays, cup holders, door pockets, glove box, plus ALL other crevices cleaned
  • Headliner Vacuumed and Cleaned
  • Door Jams CLEANED and Wiped Down
  • Trunk Jams CLEANED and Wiped Down
  • Air Vents blown out
  • Scrub and Shampoo Cloth Seats
  • Scrub and Shampoo all Carpet (including trunk if it applies)
  • Scrub and Shampoo all Mats
  • Leather Seats Cleaned and Conditioned
  • Conditioner applied to all Interior Vinyl
  • Interior Windows Cleaned

* Prices may vary depending on size and condition of vehicle

Do you want to include an Exterior Wax with your Full Interior Detail? You can upgrade to our Deluxe Detail Package and get a hand wash, wax and full interior detail.

Call and schedule your Hand Wash and Full Interior detail today!

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